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XL600-L Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine

XL600-L Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine

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    Machine                                                    EL600-L


    Size of The Loads ( Pallets)  to be Wrapped 


    Max luggage size (LXWXH)



    Max weight


    Film Delivery System

    Power pre-stretch Film Delivery System
    Open-door carriage ensure easy thread film,more quicker,faster&safer

    Film tension adjustable



    Machine Performance


    Packing efficiency

    40-60 luggages/hour


    Turntable rotation speed:

    3-35 rpm adjustable


    Turntable height



    Voltage / Power

    220 Volt 1 Ph - 50 Hz  0.75kw


    Machine size (LXWXH)




    Package size(LXWXH)

    1650mm x 710mmx 1900mm


    Machine Weight 

    Net: 220kgs   Gross:290kg


    Options available (Extra cost)


    Increase scale



    Increase TV screen



    Control System


    PLC + Display, easy to setting parameters


    Counter to count numbers of baggage



    Turntable soft start



    Carriage Up-Down

    YES, Speed adjustable


    Stretch Film Roll detail


    Max. external diameter (D):



    Internal diameter (d):

    76 mm


    Film roll height (h):

    500 mm


    Film thickness:  

    17-35 µm


    Avaliable Options (Extra cost for tailor make according your application)


    TV Screen  

    TV screen has advertisement function.With an 4G RAM of memory card that can save advertisement videos 



     Scale & scale display

     Weight and wrap luggage at the same time, Display the weight via this display 

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Product Name: XL600-L Airport Luggage Wrapping Machine
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