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Where will the automatic winding machine develop

With the deepening of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, the adjustment of industrial structure in China and the world is accelerating, and the automatic winding machine industry has also accelerated the pace of industrial restructuring. Machinery products with simple process, rough fabrication and high energy consumption are gradually eliminated by the market. And those equipments which are well-made, well-crafted, highly automated, low energy consumption and high cost-effective are slowly being accepted by the market. Shanghai Xingpai believes that this will become the mainstream direction of the development of automatic winding machines in the future. This view is supported by the following three necessary conditions.
1. Technical Feasibility
The technology of fully automatic winding machine is gradually mature and stable. While it is accepted by end users, it also raises the requirement of shrinking machine technology. It promotes the research of shrinkage machine factory in automation technology and energy consumption reduction. In the vigorous development of automatic shrinkage machine, various high-tech electronic integration, PLC programming, frequency converter, new materials in the shrinkage machine can be applied. Equipment in electronics, beverages, mineral water, printing, hardware, electronics, plastic and other industries will be more versatile, using enterprises can use more general spare parts, easy maintenance and maintenance, reduce maintenance costs. This provides technical conditions for the realization of energy saving and environmental protection.
2. Requirements of Domestic Market
With the increase of the cost of human resources in China, the minimum wage of workers has been continuously raised, and the pressure on the cost of human resources in factories has been increasing step by step. It has become an indisputable fact that it is difficult for ordinary workers to recruit. In order to improve the unit labor productivity, factories are phasing out the shrinkers with low automation, high energy consumption and unstable operation. The input of automatic shrinkage machine with high degree of automation, stable operation and low energy consumption has been increased.
3. Demand of the international market
The international debt crisis in Europe and the economic depression in the United States, with high unemployment rate, are reducing the export of all kinds of products in our country. Fully automatic winding machine is also impacted, the product requirements are more stringent. The sluggish foreign market will make the domestic shrinkage industry more competitive, in order to ensure that the global economic downturn will not be eliminated and left behind. They need to increase investment in product development, shorten production cycle, broaden sales channels and increase advertising marketing investment.

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