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XY2000PPS-BT Reel Stretch Wrapper

XY2000PPS-BT Reel Stretch Wrapper

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    Size of The Rolls to be Wrapped
    Paper roll diameter 500mm - 1800mm
    Paper roll width 500mm - 2000mm
    Max weight capacity 3000kgs
    Film Delivery System
    Carriage Power pre-stretch Film Delivery System, stretch ratio up to 300%
    Help you save Packing cost= Save money!! 
    Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film  
    Film tension adjustable
    Machine Performance
    Packing efficiency 20-40rolls/hour
    Turntable diameter 2000mm
    Turntable roller center distance 420mm
    Turntable roller diameter 130mm
    Turntable height 660mm
    Turntable soft start&soft stop YES
    Turntable rotation speed: 3-12 rpm adjustable
    Turntable drive Slew bearing drive
    Carriage Up/down speed Adjustable
    Electrical Features
    Power supply voltage 220 V 1 Phase - 50/60 Hz 
    Power 2.0 Kw 
    Machine weight & size
    Machine size 3025mm (L) 
    2000mm (W) 
    2260mm (H)   
    Approximate Machine net weight 1000kg
    Stretch Film Roll detail
    Film Max. external diameter (D): 230 mm
    Internal diameter (d): 76 mm
    Film width: 500 mm (20’’)
    Film thickness: 17-35 µm

    Options available to custom build to meet specific needs



    Turntable rolls raise up after wrapping finished to Push out the wrapped rolls , easy to unload the rolls



    Add top platen to protect the unstable rolls during stretch wrapping rolls



    Cut film tail automatic after stretch wrapping cycle finished, save operator time

    Our Reel wrapper ensure your rolls are properly wrapped and safety shipped, reducing shipping damage in the supply chain.
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Product Name: XY2000PPS-BT Reel Stretch Wrapper
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