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Shandong Xingpaike Customized Full Automatic Heat Condenser for Weifang Delivery

Shandong Xingpaike customized fully automatic heat shrinkable packaging machine for Weifang delivery to customers, the equipment is composed of fully automatic L-type sealing machine, jet visual heat shrinkable packaging machine feeding and conveying platform.
The following are the problems that may be encountered in the normal use of the sealing and cutting machine.
The power indicator on the operation panel is not on. The power supply is not on. Turn on the power switch.
Fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse fuse
Power Switch Damage or Replacement
Inspection and measurement of internal connection faults
Circuit Breaker Trip, Short Circuit, Damage, Inspection and Replacement of Electrical Components
The pressure of the sealing cutter is adjusted evenly.
Partial Damage of Sealing Cutter
Insufficient gas pressure to normal pressure
Conveyor belt is not working well or has hysteresis. Conveyor belt tension is too loose. Re-adjustment
Conveyor belt tension is too tight
Bad Gear Replacement of Conveyor Motor
Sealing Arm Not Acting, Sealing Solenoid Valve Damage, Measurement and Replacement
Insufficient gas pressure to 5 kg/c_
The safety device is too sensitive. The alarm switch is fine-tuned up and down.
Self-descending of the sealing arm on the way
Wipe dirt on sensor surface with soft cloth
Sealing Cutter Without Temperature Fuse Fuse Fuse Replacement
Damage of Electric Heating Pipe, Detection and Replacement
Damage, Detection and Replacement of Temperature Controller
Relay damage detection and replacement
Temperature Out of Control, Bad Temperature Controller, Detection and Replacement
Opening, damage, adjustment or replacement of thermocouples
Relay damage detection and replacement
Safety device does not move. Safety device switch is not good. Detection and replacement
Press sheet of safety device is not pressed to switch. Adjust press sheet
Insufficient Sealing, Inspection and Replacement of Sealing Cutter and Silica Gel Cushion Block
Undetermined Settings Too Low to Adjust Setting Temperature
Sealing time is too short to lengthen
The pressure of gas source is too low to be adjusted to 5 kg/c_
The feeding belt does not move. The feeding motor is not good. Detection and replacement
Detection and Replacement of Abnormal Brake Parts of Feeding Motor
Overtightening of feeding belt
Loose feeding belt; readjustment
Fuel shortage in transmission part
Inspection and measurement of poor connection
Coiling scrap wheel does not rotate, scrap motor is not good, detection and replacement
Scrap Fracture During Coiling, Incomplete Flow of Scrap, Inspection and Measurement
Procedure error, low power supply voltage, inspection and measurement
Poor wiring, check and adjust
Continuous overloading of cargo
Inspection and Replacement of Induction Switch Failure

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